Kidz World Childcare and Early Learning Centres Rotorua

Providing quality early childhood education

There are three Kidz World Childcare and Early Learning Centres in Rotorua.

Kidz World provides all the usual requirements you expect from a childcare centre.

Open 7:30am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday. We are only closed on statutory holidays. We are even open over Christmas!

Hot nutritious meals, healthy snacks and breakfast for those early starters, individualised educational programs and cultural experiences.

Kidz World is MOE licenced, has up to date educational resources and qualified ECE teachers.

But we offer so much more!

Kidz World Mission Statement

Our philosophy begins with creating a world for children.

We believe we are taking our children on an adventure into the world of learning.

Leading and supporting them, encouraging them to grown into not only healthy individuals, but into children with a love of learning.

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