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Te Whiriki - NZ Curriculum

Te Whariki is the curriculum for all New Zealand Childcare Centres and Kindergartens. Te Whiriki is acknowledged as among the best curriculum in the world. 

Developed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education and New Zealand ECE Educators the curriculum is focused on the development of the whole child and provides educational guidelines for children up to the age of six years.

Te Whiriki at Kidz World 

Kidz World encompasses the New Zealand curriculum, Te Whariki, through a Play Based Learning style. Educationalists know that young children become immersed in their learning if they are directly involved and participate through 'hands on' experience.

Play based learning provides children with the opportunity to learn at their own pace, with 'hands on' experiences that have real meaning to them. Choosing from developmentally appropriate learning opportunities planned by skilled teachers, children are engaged in meaningful conversation, supported to develop social interactions and build on their prior knowledge to stretch their thinking and develop the skills and knowledge they will need to progress on to school.

Providing Experiences on a daily basis

Kidz World offers children a carefully planned learning environment all day, every day. Providing areas of play to explore and develop through a balanced approach of both child-led and teacher-led learning opportunities,  they use and practice their new found knowledge and skills through play while being guided by experienced, knowledgeable teaching teams. 

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