Cultural Experiences

Cultural policy

Kidz World believes that each child has a right to equitable learning opportunities and to be accepted, valued and respected as an individual

We will treat every child and their family with respect and integrity.

Kidz World recognises the cultures of all children in our centres.

All children and their families from all cultures will be welcome in our centres.

We will do our best to understand the culture of any and every child in our centres and to accept the beliefs and ideas of their cultures.

The cultural partnership of Aoteroa New Zealand

Kidz World is committed to promoting the partnership between Maori and NZ Europeans to become one people as New Zealanders.

We will include Maori culture in our planning and endeavour to increase our knowledge of Maori language and culture as teachers in New Zealand.

Teachers will work together as one team showing respect to both cultures of Aoteroa New Zealand and embracing and respecting the cultures of all our teachers and families.

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