Our Mission, Our Vision

To make a positive difference in children's lives by enhancing children's growth and learning experiences through practicing and developing the art and science of teaching.

We will accomplish this through providing our children with care that promotes wellbeing, belonging and a sense of security, nurturing our children, ensuring we are meeting all of their needs.

Our teams will work together to create an environment that is inviting to children, promoting effective learning through thoughtful design and careful presentation.

Best Quality Practice

Kidz World will continue to ensure our teachers are seeking best quality practice at all times. Teachers will continue to take part in professional development provided by Kidz World and will keep pace with current thinking and ideas through training and their own research.

High Standards

Kidz World teachers will hold to high standards and expectations in their teaching practice. We will ensure we are working with the children, observing the children and looking for teaching opportunities continuously throughout the day. 

Learning Environment

Kidz World will be a great place to teach. Staff will be happy to be here. They will have a sense of achievement and continue to grow as professionals. They will be listened to, offered guidance and supported in their desire for constant and never- ending improvement.

Experienced teachers will guide newer teachers to ensure they have support to understand our philosophy and to become part of the Kidz World Team.

Team Leaders

Kidz World has team leaders in each area to help the teams to function in an organised manner but our teams will develop as equals in participation, responsibility and workload.

Team leaders will support their team to encourage innovative learning and teaching. All teachers will respect each other and be held accountable as professionals for teaching practice and team involvement.

Multi-Cultural Learning

Kidz World makes a commitment to recognize New Zealand as a multi-cultural society. New Zealand is a coming together of European and Maori cultures and we will endeavour to respect both cultures in developing as a partnership.

We will investigate ways we can include all cultures of children attending our centres in our curriculum.

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